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About Us

About Us

Company Overview

Kimera Labs Inc. is a biotechnology company that develops perinatal exosome products for research and therapeutic purposes. Since 2012, Kimera Labs and Kimera Society have invested significant resources into exosome isolation and therapy protocols for the treatment of burns, orthopedics, COPD and inflammatory diseases.

Functioning within a 6,000 sq ft ISO:9001/13485 certified facility in Miramar, Florida, we feature ISO 5 GMP hoods, class 7 cleanrooms, in-house particle size and flow cytometry characterization of incoming and outgoing cell phenotypes and much more.  

As a regenerative medicine focused biotechnology company, Kimera Labs develops therapies that heal from within. By providing regenerative cellular signals under the control of messenger and micro RNA, we believe it is possible to instantiate healing processes that can benefit patients of any age.

Letter From Our Founder


In 2004, my Oceanographer father and I were faced with an almost impossible decision. The chemotherapy we were using to treat his leukemia was no longer functional, and we were forced to choose an immunological approach, bone marrow stem cell transplantation (BMT), for which the rate of survival was 50%. We hesitated for so long that when we finally decided on BMT he was no longer eligible. I clearly remember meekly offering a well known program director at Massachusetts General Hospital a random paper on Copper supplementation for the treatment of AML. She politely thanked me and raised her hand in a negative response. After this encounter, and two years before his death, I enrolled in the Ph.D. program at the University of Miami. After a dual education in biochemistry and immunology I am today still trying to control disease using immunological approaches. One of the approaches that showed early promise in chronic GVHD after BMT was the use of mesenchymal stromal cells to control rejection. My study of immunological control, in concert with the understanding I have developed of what the 'paracrine effect' of cell communication really means, has led our company down a path that has resulted in multiple FDA IND applications in process, and our position as one of the most well respected groups in exosome science.

I am happy to contribute to the body of knowledge of exosome research that is truly leading us towards a thousand year life span. Feel free to ask us for our protein, mRNA, or miRNA research results that help us define the evolving science that is cellular signalling.


Duncan Ross Ph.D.


Duncan Ross, PhD

Trained in the University of Miami’s hematology transplant department under Krishna Komanduri MD and Robert Levy PhD, Dr. Ross is a published scientist whose works appear in a number of the most respected peer-reviewed transplantation journals in the industry including: The Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation, Blood, and many more. He was an assistant professor of immunology at Miami Dade College and completed PhD coursework in Biochemistry as well as Immunology studying rejection in allogeneic stem cell transplantation and protein expression and purification. Dr. Ross began his career subsequent to his father’s death due to Acute Myeloid Leukemia. His scientific work then focused on cancer and mechanisms of controlling inflammation using chemotherapeutic, regulatory T cell, and now, mesenchymal stem cell methods. Dr. Ross is joined in the laboratory by a team of scientists, engineers, quality assurance and medical device experts.


Melissa C. Selinger, PharmD, Chief Regulatory and Quality Officer 

Melissa Selinger has been involved in laboratory research since her teenage years, when she received a prestigious minor planet naming honor from NASA and MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory with her first neuropsychopharmacology research study, and co-authored several additional studies at the Donnelly Behavioral Neuroscience Laboratory. She completed her PharmD degree at Nova Southeastern University, where she gained experience in clinical settings as well as being involved with pharmacokinetics and pharmacogenomics research and pharmaceutical analysis.

Marc Waldman, Chief Financial Officer

Marc Waldman has a 25+ year track record in founding and operating specialty finance, para-medical, light manufacturing and medical distribution companies. Mr. Waldman co-founded Orthomedical Products which merged with Andover Medical (symbol ANDV); and co-founded Med-Tech O&P Services which sold to NovaCare. He also owned and operated a medical distribution business that carried Donjoy, Arthrex, Breg and other orthopedic products until 2010.

He is a founder of KentMoore Capital, a specialty finance company and previously co-founded Sutton Park Capital a subsidiary of PennantPark Investment Corporation (NASDAQ: PNNT); focusing on aggregation and securitization of Structured Settlements. Co-founded/operated several specialty finance companies including: LawStreet Capital, Lawcash, CaseFunding all firms generally in the legal finance space including structured settlements, pre-and post-settlements, loans and advances to law firms. Mr Waldman graduated from State University Of New York, Brockport with a B.S. in Finance.





Kimera Labs is an FDA registered tissue bank located in Miramar Florida. Our amniotic fluid products fall under 361 tissue product regulation while the XoGlo exosome product is for topical use only.

The donor mother's serum in is each case is tested for the following viruses:

  • HIV
  • HTLV
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • Syphilis
  • CMV

Further IND applications for tissue specific therapies are underway.