It has come to the attention of Kimera Labs that Direct Biologics, a marketing firm and former distributor of Kimera product, is disseminating a product brochure that purports to show Fetal Bovine Serum in the Kimera product. This is patently false and is the basis of a false advertising claim against DB in US federal court. In truth, Kimera Labs is the first animal and human serum free exosome to be sold in the world since 2014 and is the ONLY exosome product that has been inspected by the FDA. If FBS was present in the product we would have been forced to stop selling the product. In fact, Kimera is still the only serum free exosome available in the market today. The reason we do not use serum is simple, whether derived from human or cow blood, any blood serum in the production process causes a loss of ‘stemness’ in the source stem cells. Kimera has known this since our inception and has always produced a serum free product. It is because of this fact that we have lead the exosome field since the launch of the XoGlo® exosome in 2014. XoGlo® is a registered trademark assigned to Kimera Labs in 2016 . Kimera was registered on Tuesday, August 24, 2010 and is currently owned by Duncan B. Ross PhD under the registration number 3837747.