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Cosmetic Rejuvenation today is achieved via the deposition of collagen following inflammation based interventions. From newer devices such as Ulthera and Fractora to microneedling and the traditional chemical peel, the tried and true mechanism to creating a younger look is by removing the older ‘look’. Kimera's exosome product, XoGlo™ improves the outcome of these therapies by providing a combined growth and healing signal to guide the CORRECT redeposition of tissue and avoid the scarring that often accompanies an excess of damage, particularly in those with a darker complexion.

Meet Garrick

Kimera Exosomes were able to heal second degree burns in a patient after topical application for a 7 day period. This treatment became the basis for our March 2015 patent application for exosomes in wound healing. Today, XoGlo™ for topical application is available to clinicians nationwide to provide glowing healthy skin to their patients.