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The SuperDonor

In March of 2014, while observing the growth rate of unrelated adult patient cells in culture, Kimera Labs coerced aged stagnant cells to behave like young cells by harnessing the 'paracrine messages' of the younger cells growing in culture beside them. Since that day, Kimera Labs has espoused a cell free future for regenerative medicine. Today, thousands of patients have benefited from the bounty of growth factors derived from one SuperDonor, tested for Zika, HIV, HTLV, and many more viral pathogens. First to market in the U.S., Kimera is the industry standard. Welcome to

Exosomes are small secretory packets that control cell communication. As an FDA registered and audited tissue facility, we are developing amniotic fluid and placental cell based treatments to power the next wave of human, animal component-free, exosome based regenerative therapies.

100% Natural. Cell Free. Science based.