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Since 2014 Kimera Labs has developed cell-free exosomes based therapies 


Letter From Our Founder

I am happy to contribute to the body of knowledge of exosome research that is leading us towards an extended, healthy life span.  Feel free to ask us for our protein, mRNA, or miRNA research results that help us define the evolving science that is cellular signalling.


100% Natural. No animal products. GMO Free.

XOGLO™ Purified Placental MSC Exosomes in Saline

XoGlo is the core exosome product of Kimera Labs. XoGlo is a purified xeno-free, chemically defined, cell-free placental MSC derived exosome re-suspended in 0.9% normal saline and quantified via NanoSight for the world's first reproducible exosome product available to the public.


Amniotic Fluid Exosomes

Amnio2 is an amniotic fluid based exosome product Amniotic fluid contains billions of exosomes in an unpurified form. Twice the growth factors, twice the healing of standard amniotic fluid. Our standard AMNIO2 amniotic fluid is sourced from full term C-section deliveries prior to final sterility testing and shipment. Contains billions of exosomes. This is not a purified exosome product. For purified exosomes, see our XoGlo exosome product. Not for IV administration.

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